Suspension Bridge
The Ragaiolo Waterfall

Experience a thrilling walk over the suspension bridge


This fascinating itinerary in Val di Rabbi, which opened during the 2016 summer season, gives you the chance to walk over a suspension bridge located at a height of 1.366 m.a.s.l., just above the waterfalls of the Rio Ragaiolo stream. Surrounded by nature, you’ll have a truly unique view of the valley and the stream below you. You can cross over the suspension bridge during any season, either on foot or with snowshoes!

Walking over the suspension bridge is a great adrenaline filled experience: a 100 meter walk with absolutely nothing below you at a height of about 60 meters, from where you can admire truly natural beauty. Fun and excitement for everyone is a guarantee: expert hikers, first-time hikers and families.

  • Leave your vehicle at the parking area located in the area called Plan in Rabbi Fonti and follow the forest road that takes you to the Segheria Veneziana "Bègoi" (Venetian sawmill) located along the Rabbies stream. From here follow the directions to Malga Fratte (mountain dairy) and then go towards the Cascata del Ragaiolo (waterfall) until you reach the suspension bridge (a 30 minute walk) - Rabbi Fonti - Segheria Veneziana - Malga Fratte
  • Leave your vehicle at the parking area at the Terme di Rabbi (Rabbi Thermal Spa Centre) and follow the second unpaved road that you will find on your left that takes you over a bridge and continues towards Malga Fratte (approx. 1 km up a slight hill). When you reach the bridge over the Ragaiolo stream, follow the trail that zig zags all the way up to the suspension bridge (a 30 minute walk)

Once you’ve walked over the suspension bridge, you can extend your walk by continuing onwards in the forest until you reach Malga Fratte or you can also go towards the area called Coler where you’ll find the Malga Stablasolo (mountain dairy) and the spectacular Cascate di Saènt waterfalls.

  • Crossing over the suspension is not recommended if you are afraid of heights
  • The railings on the side of the bridge are quite high, therefore it's also safe for children
  • Unfortunately the bridge is not suitable for dogs since the walkway is made of iron mesh, animals may injure themselves or they may be afraid to cross the bridge. It is recommended that you carry your pets with you over the bridge just in case they refuse to continue onwards

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